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Frequently Asked Questions about Reporting a Crime
Question:  What do I do if submitting the form is not right for me?

Answer:  If your incident is an emergency, call 911.  If it is a non-emergency call 978-774-4424.

Question:  What if the incident took place in another city or town.  Can I file a report using this system?

Answer:  No, If the crime took place outside of the Town of Middleton please call the police department for that city or town.

Question:  Can I file a report for insurance purposes?

Answer:  Yes, we will provide you with a department incident report number for your insurance needs upon completion of an online police report.

Question:  Why can’t I use on-line reporting for all crimes?
Answer:  Some crimes may require evidence collection, photography, or other investigative procedure which require an officer to respond to the scene of the crime.
Question:  Can I use CRS to report a hit and run crash?

Answer:  If the hit and run crash involves injuries, call 911 If no injuries, call police non emergency number, 978-774-4424.  Call taker will determine whether your report can be taken by CRS (Crime Reporting System.
Question: Can I get a copy of the report?
Answer:  Actual police reports are not released since they may contain information critical to an investigation or which could be used for identity theft. A verification letter regarding your report may be obtained by calling the Middleton Police Department Records Section at 978-774-4424. There may be a fee for this service.
Question: What is the purpose of filing a report with CRS?

  • Primarily for insurance and police information purposes
  • Case will not be investigated ~
  • Assists in preventing future crimes by providing statistics on trends, locations and times of violations. ~
  • May assist in the identification and return of stolen property recovered as the result of other investigations.