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Welcome to Middleton, Massachusetts

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Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions

“When should I call 911”?       
You should call 911 when you need to report an Emergency, Fire or need an ambulance.

Can you install a Child Safety Seat in my vehicle?      
Yes, the Middleton Police has two trained car seat installation officers, Sergeant Robert Currier and Officer Thomas McParland, please call (978) 774-4424 to schedule an appointment.

How do I become a Police officer in the Town of Middleton?              
We advertize for open positions in local newspapers and post it on our website and on local cable.

Do I need to be a resident to become a Police officer in Middleton?     
No, however, we require prior attendance to the MA Criminal Justice Training Council Reserve Police Academy prior to applying.

Is Middleton a Civil Service Community?         
No, we are not Civil Service.   

Do you have the phone number to the Animal Control Officer?             
Animal Control Officer: 

Reed Wilson
Office Telephone:  978-807-3097

Do you have the phone number to the Essex County House of Correction?   
Yes, (978) 750-1900. 20 Manning Ave. Middleton.

Where can I get Information about Domestic Abuse?               
Contact Sergeant Ronald Carpenter at (978) 774-4424, or go to the HAWC Website, Help for Abuse Woman Center.

Firearms Questions

How can I apply for a Firearms license?         
Download an application and drop it off at the Middleton Police Station with a Check for $100 made out to the Middleton Police Department.

Do I need to take a course before I apply?      
Yes, you must complete a course given by a State Police certified Instructor.

Where can I take one of these courses?          
They are held at most Fish and Game clubs around the Commonwealth.

Do I need a F.I.D. Card for Pepper Spray?       
Yes, you need a Class D Permit. $25.00 for first issuance free after that.

Do I need to supply Photographs for a Firearms License?         
No, we take the photo which then is digitally enhanced on the permit.

Who can I call if I have additional questions about the Firearms Laws in this State?
Call or e-mail your questions to Chief James DiGianvittorio or contact the Firearms Records Bureau in Chelsea MA.

Does the Middleton Police Department take fingerprints for Firearms permits, job applications, and other type of Licenses?      
Yes, Prints for Firearms permits are included in the permit fee. Any Resident needing prints for work related issues are free, Out of town residents prints can be taken for a $25.00 fee.

On June 1, 2011, E-FA-10 replaced the paper firearms transaction form(FA-10) used by Massachusetts residents to record firearms transactions with the Firearms Records Bureau (FRB) as required by G.L.c. 140-128A and 128B.
E-FA-10 is an internet-based application that allows residents of the Commonwealth to safely and securely submit forearms transfer and registration records electronically from any internet enabled computer.
E-FA-10 allows residents to perform the following functions:
        * Record the sale or transfer of a weapon
        * Record the inheritance, loss, or theft of a weapon
        * Record the surrender of a weapon to a police department and create a receipt
        * Record the transfer of a surrendered weapon to a dealer or private party
        * Create a 24 hour license validation certificate

        E-FA-10 is available at:

In order to access the E-FA-10 system, a user will need his/her firearms license number and personal identification number (PIN). If you don't have your PIN, please contact the licensing authority from which you obtained your firearms license.

E-FA-10 should be used for private transactions only. Licensed firearms dealers must still continue to use the MIRCS Dealer Application to record all sales and transfers.

FRB staff is available at 617-660-4782 during business hours (M-F 9:00AM-5:00PM) to assist E-FA-10 users and answer any questions.