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Criminal Investigations Division
The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) of the Middleton Police Department is responsible for conducting investigations of major crimes including violent crimes, sexual assaults, bank robberies, identity theft and internet crimes that occur in the Town of Middleton or have an effect on its citizens.   They follow-up on investigations initiated by the Patrol Division and provide technical support to the Patrol Division as needed.  The CID has established highly effective and collaborative relationships with local, state, and federal agencies~in an effort to provide professional and effective service to our community.  

The Criminal Investigations Division oversees the evidence/property section.~They ensure that evidence submitted by investigating officers, such as drugs, money, and weapons, follows the proper chain of custody from the arrest phase to case disposition.~ Detectives’ work closely with the Essex County District Attorney's Office as well as the State Police Crime Lab in the course of their duties.~ Detectives submit evidence to the Massachusetts State Police laboratories for examination such as toxicology, presence of narcotics and DNA and latent fingerprints comparison. For information on reclaiming seized property, click here.

  • If you were a defendant, victim, or witness in a case and are looking to reclaim property that the Middleton Police Department seized as evidence, contact Sergeant Ronald Carpenter or Sergeant Robert Currier at 978-774-4424.~ Property will not be released until the case has been closed.~ Proof in writing of same is required.
The Criminal Investigations Division is the point of contact for the Sex Offender Registry for the Department.~ They register, photograph, fingerprint and monitor convicted sex offenders who live in Middleton and monitor those who are employed in town.  For more information regarding the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB), click here

The Criminal Investigations Division maintains orders issued under the Abuse Prevention Act.  Domestic Violence is a serious crime. Police Officers are most often called upon to intervene when domestic violence occurs and are usually the victim’s first contact with the Criminal Justice System. The Middleton Police provide information and assistance to victims and can initiate any emergency action necessary.  If you would like more information on sexual violence or domestic violence, click here.
Identity Theft is a serious and growing crime facing the Criminal Investigations Division.  It involves the stealing of personal information without the victim’s knowledge for the purpose of committing fraud or other crimes.  It not only cost you time and money but it can ruin your credit and good name.  To learn how to deter thieves by safeguarding your information or if you think you have been a victim and need more information about identity theft, visit: