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About City of Middleton, Massachusetts

Middleton is a small town located in Essex County, Massachusetts. According to the latest statistics, the town’s population is slightly above 10,000. The town has gained massive popularity in the recent past due to its location and number of amenities.

Middleton, MA, received its first settlers in 1659 and was part of the larger Salem before receiving incorporation in 1728. The town’s location between Salem and Andover made it get its unique name, which has stuck since then.

What are the Demographics in Middleton, MA?

Middleton, MA, is a reserve for the affluent, with most of its residents being the upper class. According to statistics, most people in Middleton, MA, are a couple. The education level in the town is equally high, with 80.5% being high school graduates, 41% being holders of a Bachelor’s degree or above.

Middleton, MA, like other suburbs, is not highly diverse since 87% of its occupants are White. Other races that occupy the town are African Americans 1.7%, Hispanics 7.1%, and Asians at 2.2%. As the town grows in population, the town could become more diverse.

What fun things can you do at Middleton, MA?

Middleton, MA, residents enjoy a wide variety of fun activities, from swimming to museums and parks. Taking a stroll through Lura Woodside Watkins Museum, Milton’s community parks, and Middleton Pond is the most common way residents in Middleton, MA, unwind.

The Ferncroft Country Club is also a favorite spot for people who want to unwind. Since its establishment in 1970 and further revitalization in 2006, this club has gained massive popularity. People who visit the club can use its numerous amenities, including an 18-hole golf course, fully-equipped fitness center, a pool, and tennis courts.

Middleton, MA also has numerous destinations which parents can take their kids to enjoy. The CoCo Key Boston Water Park in Danvers is an indoor waterpark with several amenities for kids. Kids can use the following amenities at the park for fun; a “dip-in” theater, four intense water slides, and a lazy river.

Outdoor lovers can visit Harold Parker State Forest and enjoy a wide range of fun activities, including kayaking, canoeing, camping overnight, and fishing on a pond.

Which are the best places to live in Middleton, MA?

Middleton’s small size makes it ideal for people looking for a suburban environment to stay in. Some of the most sought-after areas where people stay include Bayberry Lane, Brigadoon, and Mill Street. Wherever a person stays, they are assured of an exotic feel, with recreational facilities, numerous events, and green spaces.

What is the Weather in Middletown, MA Like?

There is no specific climate to describe Middleton, MA, since the town experiences four seasons. The town experiences extremely cold temperatures during winter, snowstorms, and storms. On the other hand, the weather is sunny during summer, while the weather is usually warm in spring.

The constant change in weather during the seasons makes Middleton, MA, ideal for people who like the thrill of extreme conditions.

Which Jobs are Available in Middleton, MA?

As a resident of Middleton, MA, you can access jobs throughout Essex County. Some areas where you can get a job in Essex include; Mass General For Children, Raytheon Systems Intl Co, and Columbia Gas of Massachusetts.

The top industries that employ people across Essex County are education and healthcare.

Middleton, MA is also located within New England, Boston, the largest employer. People looking for jobs in different industries can drive for 30 minutes to Boston and go back to Middleton, MA.

What is the Cost of Living in Middleton, MA?

The cost of living in Middleton, MA, is relatively high due to its numerous amenities and close proximity to Boston. Statistics in 2016 showed that the median cost of owning a home in Middleton, MA was $510,000, more than double the median value of housing in the country.

On the other hand, the median cost of renting in Middleton, MA, was valued at $1,805, higher than other towns across Essex County.

The high cost of living in Middleton, MA, makes it a reserve for the affluent people in the society, with their median household income being $116,000.

Is Middleton, MA Safe?

Middleton, MA, is rated A+ in safety, which means it is highly secure. Crime reports show that only 8.65 out of 1,000 residents experience crime in a year, making the town one of the safest. The central part of the town is considered safest, with only a single crime recorded per 158 residents, compared to one crime per 89 residents in other areas.

Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA

Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA is sophisticated and equipped with police and resources to maintain law and order in the town. The Middleton Police Department is classified as a first-class force due to its commitment to providing top-quality services.

When a suspect is arraigned in court and found guilty of committing a crime within Middleton, they are locked up in the Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA.

The Middleton Jail, MA is managed by the Deputy Chief, with the assistance of 11 correctional officers, and can accommodate up to 50 inmates. Besides the permanent employees, the jail also hires employees on a contract, including medical staff and a cook.

Inmates in Middleton Police Department Jail, MA, stay in single-individual cells where interaction is limited. All the inmates are given adequate food and medication as the law requires.

How can you find an inmate at Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA?

The best way to get information about an inmate in Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA, is by calling the facility at 978-774-4424. It is advisable to describe the inmate’s appearance and any feature that might help the jail identify them during the call.

The second approach to finding an inmate in Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA, is using the VINE program instituted by the Sheriff’s Department in Essex County. The program offers a 24-hour toll-free telephone service that people can call to inquire about inmates. You should have the prisoner’s booking number from Essex County when using the service.

How do you send money to an inmate in Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA?

Before you send money to an inmate in Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA, it is advisable to call the facility at 978-774-4424 to make inquiries. Since the facility only holds inmates for a short duration, they might not need money during their stay.

Sending Mail/Package to an Inmate at Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA

The facility does not have an established mailing service, and therefore, it is advisable to call the facility before sending any mail or package to inmates. Calling ahead and making arrangements allows the facility to prepare adequately.

Before a mail or package is handed over to an inmate, it undergoes intense pre-screening to avoid letting any illicit or contraband inside.

Prohibited Items in Middleton Police Jail, MA

The following is a list of items that are prohibited during a visit to Middleton Police Jail, MA:

  • Food and drinks
  • Personal property such as personal identification, keys, and money.
  • Medication, whether herbal or prescribed.
  • Tattooing materials, weights, magnets, and magnetic devices.
  • Alcohol-based products, including alcohol.
  • Gang identification items, including clothing.
  • Electronic items such as rechargeable clippers, razors, and toothbrushes.
  • Non-transparent bags.
  • Lighters, candles, aerosol-pressure spray cans, and matches.
  • Highlighters, knitting needles, and paint.

You can call Middleton Police Jail, MA, to confirm what is allowed in the facility.

Making Phone Calls at Middleton Police Jail, MA

According to the rules governing the operations of Middleton Police Jail, MA, inmates cannot receive calls, but they can make calls. Once an inmate has been booked, they can make calls to their family and close aides, after which money is deducted from the receiver’s account.

Visitation Rules for Middleton Police Jail, MA

After an inmate has spent 24 hours in the Middleton Police Jail, MA, they can start receiving visitors. During the visit, a person is required to adhere to several rules:

  • Visitors should be at least 18 years old.
  • Visitors should present a photo identification during the visit.
  • A visitor can only see an inmate for 15 minutes.
  • An inmate can only meet one visitor per day.
  • Visitors should dress conservatively.

Finally, Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA, has the powers to allow or deny you from visiting an inmate. In most cases, this occurs if the facility establishes that you are a threat to peace and order or have sinister reasons. The facility can choose whether to disclose the reason behind blocking you from visiting.

This article has discussed everything you need to know about Middleton town, Middleton Police Department, and Jail, MA. If you are looking for a secure and affluent town, Middleton, MA, is the right choice for you. On the other hand, you know how you should prepare if you want to visit a detainee in Middleton Police Department and Jail, MA.

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